ristorante numana
Discover the specialties of the Adriatic sea

Numana Restaurant

Mariolino restaurant is named after the great chef Mario Romagnoli who, in 1977, began this wonderful culinary journey along with Solidea Marsili (after a lot of previous experience in local restaurants). For those who love seafood specialties, the restaurant offers various dishes prepared with harmony, delicacy, and fresh ingredients.

At Mariolino's you won't find extremely elaborate dishes, which hide the flavor and look of the fish, but simple and delicious plates. Crustaceans and mollusks abound in the appetizers, which rival even the first courses. The pasta is homemade and is served with scampi, lobster, clam, and mussel sauces. In the summer, the seafood dishes are especially noteworthy, scampi, mixed grilled fish, turbot, Adriatic calamari, and “paranza” fish. At the end of the meal you can enjoy some dessert which is prepared with imagination.

The wine list is also ample with a prevalence of wines from the Marches region. Trained by “Maestro Mariolino”, Solidea learned many secrets from him. She is also an excellent host who puts passion and love into her work.

In the dining room you will find the children: Stefano and Manuel. Stefano is impeccable at managing the serve staff who are fit for the refined and elegant atmosphere. Manuel offers menu suggestions to the guests and personalizes their choices. He can often be heard saying: “Leave it to me”, a legendary phrase of his mother Solidea's). Whatever you order, at Mariolino's you will always find delicious traditional dishes, a courteous staff, reliability, and an enchanting and warm atmosphere framed by the beautiful Monte Conero.

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